Ram Gopal Varma’s Film ‘Power Star’ — Movie Review

Rating: 1 out of 5
Release: 25 July 2020
Duration: 37 minutes
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Star Cast: Prawan Kalyan

Gopal Varma’s movie “Power Star” released on an exclusive app that can be downloaded online without visiting Amazon App or Google Play. Whether the film is worthy or not will be known looking at the week-long views of the film, but for the first time the new app-based release brings in the film close to viewers in their homes amid the coronavirus scare in the country. It avoids any theatre release and associated theatre-bookings, which make the film industry not only expensive but also battered by huge costs and taxes invovled.

Where to Watch ‘Power Star’ film online?

Visit rgvworldtheatre.com and the page will guide you to proceed to download the app directly without any fuss. Once downloaded, open the button on the page with ‘Power Star’ and it leads you to pay Rs.277, which you have to pay and there you can watch the film. However, the film duration is just 37 minutes, including a song. RGV has assured to make more such films with the actors soon around the subject.


The story revolves around a film star turned politician who faces utmost debacle upon his entry into politics in Assembly elections. Though he contested from two constituencies, he fails to win even one. His party was routed out except winning one seat. His fans who turned out in lakhs to see him during the electioneering, did not vote for his party the same way, a misery that affects the star intensively.

Then the film depicts Prawan Kalyan’s psychological dilemma on what he should do next. It narrates how different forces in politics try to wean him away or to overwhelm him. After meeting many people and tossing several ideas, what the star decides to do next? At the end, through an actor, the director advises the star not to heed psychophants around him and plan for the next win in 2024 elections.

Known for his acumen to bring in actors who resemble real-life people, Ram Gopal Varma’s credit goes to finding the exact look-alike actor for his lead character whose dialogue delivery and mannerism are indistinguishable. Other look-alikes for characters such as Chiranjeevi, Bandla Ganesh. Kathi Mahesh and RGV himself are not so closely resembling but the message is delivered by the controversial director in the film.


Due to coronavirus scare, the shooting was confined to a farmhouse and it is made on a very less budget. The quality of the film both technically and otherwise, is not great and the only song “Gaddi Tintava” doesn’t convey much sense.

The film may not be worth watching after paying a huge ticket price for what could have been a longer version of WhatsApp message that reaches your phone daily. More than RGV, the fans of Janasena leader have created hype around the film with their appeals not to watch the film. Hence, the rush to watch the film. If they had ignored, it would have been another disasterous movie.

Nonetheless, the film is sure to make money as no other film has been released in the last four months of lockdown. But the film is sure herald a new trend in film industry that they have to forget theatre releases and confine themselves to online release of the film.

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  1. Ram gopal verma is a great director hope he will start new big budget bollywood movie

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