Rajnath Calls Governments Across the World ‘Tackle Global Terrorism’

As the terrorist attacks get increased, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh called on governments across the world to collectively address the issue of safe havens for organised criminal and terrorist groups on Wednesday.

At an Interpol ministerial meeting and general assembly conducted in Monaco, Rajnath Singh said, "Governments across the world have to collectively address the issue of safe havens for organised criminal and terrorist groups and their tainted money."

The minister said, "Lifting banking secrecy and the corporate veil in corruption and terrorist-related cases would go a long way in bringing the criminals to book. States must refrain from organising, instigating, facilitating, participating in, financing, encouraging or tolerating terrorist activities."

Addressing the meet, Rajnath Singh said there was a need for far greater vigilance and stricter provisions so as to make off-shore jurisdiction more transparent.

He also called on evolving a strategy to tackle cyber-crime.

On his micro blogging site, he tweeted, "In the recent years, the internet and social media are being increasingly used to instigate communal riots to destabilize the state. We need to strengthen our strategy relating to cyber-crime on this momentous occasion of the centenary year of the Interpol."

Highlighting the internet of late has become the "principal means of communication for extremist groups", he said, "These specific internet forums act as a virtual firewall to help safeguard the identities of those who participate. To counter violent extremists, there is an urgent need to strengthen the Global Counter Terrorism Architecture."

The home minister mentioned that the 21st century has seen a significant increase in international criminal activity.

He tweeted, "In the 21st century, there has been a significant increase in the range and scope of international criminal activity. The dynamics of globalisation and financial transactions across borders have enabled international crime groups to expand their global reach. The world is also witnessing some cataclysmic changes as lethal non-state actors fired by toxic ideology turning into state themselves."

Meanwhile, calling on the need for the police and judicial systems to evolve continuously to meet new challenges, the minister said, "Outdated laws have to be weeded out with effective legislations that can address corruption, recovery and confiscation of ill-gotten wealth."

The minister also congratulated Interpol on completing its centenary and lauded its contribution to international cooperation in law enforcement. He said, "We want to see Interpol even more powerful, effective and result oriented."

(With inputs from IANS)

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