Rajinikanth’s ‘Lingaa’ Story Not Stolen, Pleads Director Before Court

Ravi Kumar, director of Rajinikanth’s upcoming film ‘Lingaa’ has denied the charge made by another director that the storyline was stolen from him.

Story writer S Ponkumaran also has said it was a “flimsy thread” that the story of “Lingaa” was from the petitioner’s story “Mullai Vanam 999” as based on Mullaiperiyar dam issue.

Just based on official trailers, how could the petitioner conclude that the story of “Lingaa” was the same as his story, they questioned and sought dismissal of the petition. They also said the petitioner had not published his story anywhere till date, except a sketchy report about his story on Youtube.

Ponkumarman charged the petitioner was misusing the process of the court. “Though the director has taken his story, he has given a new shape to it and he himself cannot say what would be the story of Lingaa without watching the released version.”

The petitioner has filed the petition before the court stating that his upcoming film named “Mullai Vanam 999” produced by Ranga Pon Solai films, based on the story of a dam construction, reflecting the Mullaiperiyar reservoir construction was copied by “Lingaa” film makers and director.

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