‘Raja Natwarlal’ Movie Review Roundup: Unbearable Sequel to Two Flops by Emraan Hashmi?

rajaEmraan Hashmi’s “Raja Natwarlal” is more like a sequel to his earlier films Jannat 1 and 2 and director Kunal Deshmukh was torn apart in the media today, with hardly any review going in favour of the film or point out its possible success.

Pakistani actress Humaima Malik in the female lead role hardly received accolades from the media reviewers, while Paresh Rawal and Kay Kay Menon in the supporting cast did not get a mention in many reviews. Emraan Hasmi and Humaima Malick supposedly portray good chemistry in the film, not forgetting to liplock in the film.

The plot of “Raja Natwarlal” surrounds a heist and cricket with all the traps of Bollywood like punch dialogues, revenge plot, comedy, romance and main cast but its poor direction and script received the maximum criticism by many writers.

But Emraan Hashmi doesn’t think so. In fact, he tweeted recently: “Saw #RajaNatwarlal last night. Without mincing my words. It is the best ROM-CON (romantic-con movie) film…by a long shot! REVENGE hasn’t ever looked dis good (sic).”

But here is the round up of movie reviews:


Firstpost writer advises its readers not to get conned into watching Emran Hasmi’s new film, which it says should have been named Jannat 3 as it is more like a sequel to Jannat 1 and 2. Directed by Kunal Deshmukh again, ‘Raja Natwarlal’ stars Emraan Hashmi as a street smart con man, involves a cricket based heist, a love interest who foils the plan and yet make the hero win the heist. “Centrally, Raja Natwarlal fails because its basic premise is a mess. It presents the challenge of conning a man who is supposed to be one of the world’s smartest men, except he behaves like one of the dumbest creatures to have walked this planet. Make that the second dumbest; the number one position is occupied by the audience that fell for Raja Natwarlal and bought tickets.”


“Raja Natwarlal is a flimsily written and half-heartedly directed film, which falls short of its lofty ambitions because no one associated with it seems to have any concern for detailing or authenticity on celluloid, writes Reuters correspondent…. The final twist, if you may call it that, is laughable rather than shocking, and ample proof of the haphazardness that the film demonstrates throughout,” says the writer before declaring that the film is a victim of half-baked ideas, sparing the audience from mentioning as part of it.


The film based on a fictional “Naye India ka Naya Natwarlal” by Parveez Shaikh and directed by Kunal Deshmukh, fails to make the grade as the smart crime caper, writes the NDTV correspondent.
“The narrative is clunky and sluggish. It can barely hold itself together, let alone keep the audience in its grip for nearly two and a half hours,” she writes but giving due credit to Emraan Hashmi. “Even in the most unconvincing of scenes, he manages to hold on to his composure, demonstrating why he is one of Bollywood’s most effective (and underrated) actors.”

Deccan Chronicle:

“The film is packed to the brim with all essentials of a masala-entertainer. The first half holds your attention in setting up the premise. In the second half, the characters shuttle between Cape Town and Mumbai as if they were a few lanes apart…  But given that Emraan is back as the roadside Romeo hero, and that Bollywood has well trained us to go easy on the logic bit, ‘Raja Natwarlal’ could just be a watchable fare,” writes the correspondent of Deccan chronicle.


“There was no comedy at all and crime is not what it should be,” in the very opening para of DNA review sums it all. On the positive side of it, thw writer puts what is good in right perspective. “What’s good: It starts off well. The first con is pulled off deftly, and the film moves along briskly, preparing you for the good movie experience. But then it derails quickly… and the advice comes quickly: “When you are making a con film, it has to be clever. You have to keep the audiences guessing. Unfortunately here, you guess what the next scene will be. You can predict it.”







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