Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi along with his family members on his way to file nomination papers for Amethi Lok Sabha seat in Amethi on April 12, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Rahul Gandhi Turns 46, What Next?

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi turned 46 today, June 19 and among those wished him include Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The nation has taken note of his age hoping that the Congress’s future hope comes out of his handheld political careeer to a real leader of the masses.

Modi tweeted:”Birthday wishes to the Congress VP, Shri Rahul Gandhi. May he be blessed with a long and healthy life.”

While the party supporters celebrated the occasion cutting a cake, here is some introspection that is required by the leader. Irrespective of his emotions, Rahul Gandhi should come out of his knee-jerk reactions and put his deeds in action before talking about them.

His move to counter BJP in JNU row and holding padayatras across some places in India have won him sympathisers but he should make them into supporters by undergoing ideological training, perhaps from some of his Left party friends like Kanhaiya Kumar and Sitaram Yechuri.

Moving away from creamy politics where he will be dragged by the opposition, the Congress leader should realize that his charisma-building effort should begin with the rural people and for decades the rural voters formed the backbone of the Congress.

The urban voter cannot be appeased by mere talks and here he requires more sophisticated analysis of the political spectrum and deviating from certain tenets of the party ideology may prove expensive though it may bring in cheers in the short term.

A good think-tank behind his party is badly required now and he should look for brains not within the Congress blue blood but go beyond to those with grassroots experience. Finally, Sonia Gandhi is still more respected as a leader by many and he should not shy away from the fact that his mother’s shadow indeed helps him.

Every birthday should bring in new experience and maturity in political leaders and Rahul Gandhi should evince more interest in learning the skills of oratory as his valid arguments often go unnoticed due to lack of this sole feature that did not trickle down in Nehru-Gandhi blood after Indira Gandhi.

If Congress fails, India remains self-defeated in terms of an equitable wealth distribution and in keeping a check on vagaries of other political parties in ruling position. It has to fulfil expectations both as a ruling party and as the opposition party with maturity.

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