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Chiranjeevi in a guest appearance in his son's film "Magadheera" in 2009.

RAABTA Wins, Magadheera Withdraws Court Case

In a happy ending to all Rajamouli films, the surprising court case by Magadheera producer Allu Arvind too ended on a happy note for the makers of Hindi film “Raabta” featuring Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon in a theme on reincarnation.

After the release of Raabta trailer, Magaheera maker Allu Arvind moved the court seeking infringement on its release as violation of copy rights. The makers of Raabta were quick to respond to the allegation and sent an invite to see the film and decide on copy rights violation.

However, Geetha Arts which released Magadheera apparently did not receive the reply lying in watchman’s room and the case moved to the court where Raabta lawyers argued their case beyond doubt that no scene, not even the 100 soldiers getting killed by hero, was replicated in their film. They argued that more than 100 films in India have been made on reincarnation theme and it cannot be anybody’s sole proprietory right.

Finally, Magadheera producers today decided not to pursue case in a court and opt for an out of court settlement. Soon the makers of Raabta, T-Series tweeted a message saying, “RAABTA wins !!!! Magadheera withdraws.” Soon the Magadheera team also confirmed it.

Explaining the misunderstanding, Bhushan Kumar of T-Series who has produced the film Raabta told TOI:“From day one we have maintained that our movie is not a copy of Magadheera, and that there is only a reincarnation bit that has a similar theme but then it has been in so many other films too. There is nothing in common.”

On the other party withdrawing, he said, “I cannot comment on why they withdrew as it was a court matter, but they must have realised that both films are different, as we had submitted our script to them. Now at least one thing is clear that our film is not a copy!”

Raabta director, Dinesh Vijan told media that he never copied a film in his career spanning 11 films so far. “A month back when we offered them to watch the film, if they had watched Raabta, it would have been a simpler process. They have withdrawn the case, and I am very happy with that.”

Though the storyline of “Magadheera” was written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad, father of Director SS Rajamouli, who had also brought the magnum opus Baahubali recently, the rights remained with Allu Aravind, producer of the film. Rajamouli has remained silent on the court case and refused to comment on the issue.

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