Queensland May Implement Ban on Smoking in Own Balconies

A proposal to ban smoking on balconies in Queensland may soon be supported by the law, which would force the smokers to lock inside their house while using a cigarette.

Smoking is prohibited in most of the public places in Queensland including clubs, pubs, restaurants and workplaces. So, the new proposal of ban may restrict the space of smokers to light up their cigarettes further.

The Queensland state government commissioned a research which has shown that smoke can travel across apartments’ blocks, forcing non- smokers to keep their windows closed.

The Queensland University of Technology research suggests that local governing powers could impose a smoking ban on areas like balconies. QUT researcher, Prof Bill Duncan, said, “On a balcony, it can be a nuisance. You can even smell it two or three floors up.”

He added, “At the moment it’s very difficult for bodies corporate to do this without a bylaw, and it’s questionable whether such a bylaw at the moment might be unreasonable or repressive. If it’s unreasonable or oppressive, it’s not enforceable by QCAT or anyone else.”

According to the study, asthmatics living in apartment buildings are affected by heavy smokers living in nearby apartments. The research carried out by the Cancer Council said inhaling other people’s smoke can increase a person’s risk of developing lung cancer by 30 percent.

However, as per reports, the current legal limitations on body-corporate smoking laws mean that quick response to particular types of by-law breach may be difficult, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, The Cancer Council spokesperson of Queensland, Katie Klift said that the council welcome any such ban. She said, “Almost one life is lost every day in Queensland due to second-hand smoke exposure.”

Whereas, as per reports, Queensland Body Corporate Association executive officer Errol Anderson opined that the new ban may be problematic. He said, “It would turn the managers into policemen.”

The public consultation on the issue will close Jan 30.

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