queen 90 birthday
The Queen, accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh and members of the Royal Family join a huge street party and parade on the Mall in celebration of Her Majesty's 90th Birthday.(www.royal.uk)

Queen Elizabeth Turns 90, Long Live King!

London city kicked off celebrations on Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday and the royalty including the youngest great grand-daughter Princess Charlotte appeared on the balcony to greet royalty admirers during the Trooping The Colour parade at Buckingham Palace.

While the 13-month-old great-granddaughter Charlotte – sucking on a finger – stole the show, the event goes down in memory line as Britain celebrates the Queen’s 90th birthday, a rare event in British Royalty.


Here are some interesting facts about the event as Britain pays tribute to their longest reigning and oldest sovereign:

— The occasion of the birthdya of the King or Queen begins with the ceremonial St Paul’s Cathedral service of thanksgiving for the the sovereign’s life.

— The Trooping the Colour ceremony goes back to 1748 when George II, then British King ordered that the ceremony of Trooping the Colour should mark the official birthday of the sovereign.

— The Queen inspected the troops from her vintage carriage as the three royal colonels – Charles, Anne and William in their tradtional uniforms followed her on horseback.

— The colour of Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards usually parade past the troops, an old tradition thought to have originated from the practice of marching banners past soldiers so they could identify the flag they were fighting under.

— Several guardsmen also took part in the Trooping the Colour, though some of them collapsed during the ceremony and were given first aid.


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