Quantum Teleportation possible, 100+ meters now but space-based transmission sure in future

With eights days difference, two research groups, one in China and the other in Canary islands proved that the long-cherished quantum teleportation is possible.

The Chinese group did the experiemnt on May 17 and achieved quantum teleportation across Qinghai Lake in China, a distance of 97 km, which is 16 km more than the previous record. Within eight days, a European and Canadian group claims to have teleported information from one of the Canary Islands to another, 143 km in distance.

The second experiment is yet to be reviewed but researchers are affirmative that the results were achievable. The European Space Agency’s Optical Ground Station on Tenerife in the Canary Islands was used as a receiver by the second group.

Though teleportation does not allow us to create a copy per se, it still helps us shift the quantum information from one place to another. so, what does it mean for the future generation? They can transmit information linking hypothetical quantum processors or enabling secure communications between distant parties.

While the August 9 issue of Nature published the Chinese group achieving quantum teleportation. The Canary islands experiment will soon be published by the group. But both research groups are sure that their work is a step toward future space-based teleportation, in which quantum information would be beamed from the ground to an orbiting satellite.

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