Pune Police Ask Organisers of Kanhaiya Kumar’s Meet to be Fool-proof on Structure, Capacity

kanhaiya kumar

JNUSU Leader Kanhaiya Kumar before police arrest.

When JNUSU leader Kanhaiya Kumar was invited by Progressive Students Youth Action Committee, their application for permission from the Pune Police came with pre-conditions such as structural safety and seating capacity as his Nagpur event was packed beyond its capacity.

Pune police said the permission will be denied for April 24 event unless a fire and structural safety audit of the venue at Rashtra Seva dal was furnished. “We had decided to hold the event on the premises of Rashtra Seva Dal and had sought permission from police. Police served us a notice late last night, and we have been asked to fulfil certain pre conditions,” said a shocked organiser, Girish Phonde.

The notice asked the organisers to conduct “fire and structural audit” of the venue since it cannot hold more than 400 people and there could be a pandemonium if more people turned out. It also warned about possible law and order issues over the event.

“We are determined to hold the rally and more and more people will attend it. We are thinking of changing the venue,” said Girish Phonde.

The police told PTI, “We are committed to giving adequate security to the event to avoid untoward incidents. But the organisers should fulfil the conditions as asked by the local police station. After we came to know about the venue, we visited the place and found that it’s a very congested area and that’s why certain preconditions were prescribed.”


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