Why Vijay is Seen with Modern Hair Style in Puli?

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After some leaks of about 18-minute film footage of “Puli” on Internet, the story line of Puli is getting widely circulated and as expected, it is more on the lines of ‘Magadheera’ and not ‘Baahubali’.

The official teaser and the trailer that followed the so-called ‘LEAK’ of footage gave enough indication that the sotryline is more about a modern-day youth who happened to go into the past and save a kingdom. Whether he is linked to the past kingdom in his earlier birth or not is unknown as yet but certainly “Puli” brings forth the almost forgotten story of Telugu blockbuster “Magadheera”, three years ago.

Here is a peak at the story line making rounds after the so-called leak that the producers vehemently tried to depict as nothing.

The hero Vijay’s girlfriend Nandita Swetha in the film was killed by goons and in depression, the hero jumps off a cliff but lands in a different world, an ancient medieval empire that was being ruled by Queen Sridevi. Hansika plays the role of the princess, Shruti Haasan a commoner whose honesty and help makes Vijay forget his painful past and Sudeep is seen in the role of an evil commander.

It is not clear how Sridevei and Vijay get to know each other but the evil commander Sudeep tries to eliminate the new danger (Vijay) to his imminent ascension to the throne after Sridevi.

Seeing Vijay as his new threat, he plots for his killing and gets him falsely charged on wrong accusations. Sridevi finds it hard to believe that Vijay could have done such mischief and she uses her special magical powers to read Vijay’s past and realizes that he was none other than her own son who was lost as a child. (Remember Shivudu rescued by Rajamata Ramya Krishna in Bahubali?)

There begins another twist in the film that keeps you engrossed in the rest of the film. With lots of graphics and yoounger-looking Vijay, the film will keep Vijay fans on their toes until September 17th release.

Otherwise, the teaser has crossed 3 million views on Youtube while the trailer released at the stroke of midnight on August 19-20 is on its way to make one million by midnight today.

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