Puli Trailer Crosses Half million Views, Half-way Through 1 Million in 1 Day Target

Tamil actor Vijay’s most anticipated fim Puli trailer was released at the stroke of midnight on August 19-20 has atracted half-a-million viewers in 13 hours, making it a sure shot for the magic figure of one-million-views on Youtube by the midnight today.

Within 17 minutes after its release on YouTube last midnight, it crossed one lakh views and reached 2.25 lakh views in one hour. As of 13:30 hours after the release on August 20, that means half a day after the release, the trailer received 572,472 views, though disappointingly far behind ‘Bahubali’ record at 2.8 million in 24 hours. In ten hours, the trailer got 41,000 likes in Youtube and 7,000 dislikes.

Otherwise, the film ‘Puli’ is making waves in Tamil film industry as  the Chimbudevan directorial has all the ingredients of SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali and, in fact, many more plus points though nobody is sure about the storyline.

See trailer here:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9kCY9psgOc]

In fact, the film ‘Puli’ has many features to boast of as this would be the first come-back film for Sridevi after a hiatus of almost 30 years in Tamil films and more than the heroine in any general film, the character of Sridevi is making headlines.


While the trailer of “Baahubali” crossed 2.8 million within 24 hours after the launch but it was in all the three major languages — Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. Since Puli‘s trailer is in Tamil, crossing one million would mean the film’s success in the first week at least.

It would be too early to say it would collect the Rs.120-crore budget within the first week but surely it would go on collecting it in the first two weeks, according to market estimates.

But one thing is that it would hit 3500, unprecedented number of screens worldwide on September 17 coinciding with Ganesh Chathurthi, an auspicious festival in India and almost two months after ‘Bahubali’ release.  This should make the film to succeed since it si expected to portray the best of visual graphics in any Indian film, surpassing those of ‘Bahubali’.

Compared to the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) of SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali, Vijay starrer Puli has more CGI scenes than Bahubali. In all, Puli has 2,200 scenes with graphics embedded and it is touted to be much more than SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali’, which has about 2,000 graphic scenes.

Another virtue running in favour of ‘Puli’ is that Kerala has more number of theatres showing the film than Tamil Nadu and incidentally Vijay is said to be more popular in Kerala in terms of the number of his fans.


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