PSLV C28 Mission Accomplished, All 5 Satellites Lofted with Precision

pslv c28ISRO successfully launched the PSLV C-28 on time at 9:58 PM and it lofted off all the five satellites in their respective orbits as scheduled within 19 minutes, letting ISRO chief A.S. Krishna Kumar announce that it was “an achievement” for the Indian space agency.

The lift-off process has began with the First Stage Ignition followed by Strap-on 1.2 Ignition on ground 0.42 seconds after the lift off at 9:58 PM tonight. The Strap-on 3.4 Ignition was given at 0.62 seconds after lift off.

The Strap-on 5.6 Airlift Ignition was given 25 seconds later at 2.68 kilometres altitude and at a velocity of 570.51 metres per second. The first stage separation took place at 1 minute 50.38 seconds after the lift off at 68.82 km with a velocity of 2147.52 metres per second.

The second stage then followed separating the payload in its first stage and then in the second and third stages within 4 minutes after the launch. The third stage separation was at 10:06 PM and the fourth stage was just two seconds later.ISRO-PSLV C-28 Path

The DMC3-1 was separated from the launch vehicle 10:15:56 seconds, the DMC3-2 in less than 0.20 seconds thereafter and third one DMC3-3 was lofted off in another 0.22 seconds. All the three DMC3 satellites were separated at 653.09 km altitude with a velocity of 7532.16 metres per second.

The nano satellite De-Orbitsal was separated at 10:16:36 PM after lift off and the fifth and last was the CNBT-1 separation at 10:17:16 seconds at an altitude of 654.75 km with a velocity of 7532.42 metres per second.

The mission life of DMC3 satellites will be 7 years.


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