PS4 News: PS Plus March Line-up of Games Leaked

As March is setting in, the release of new games for Sony Play Station are in the air and the latest PlayStation Plus lineup has been leaked in the latest promotional material for the Japanese.

blazblueA retail store in Tokyo listing “BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma” and “Toukiden: The Age of Demons”, indicating the possible two titles with enhanced version for PS4 would hit the shelves soon.

This is apart from the earlier teaser for the March PS Plus lineup “Helldivers” reported by a developer in Reddit. “Helldivers” is likely to hit the stores on March 3, and the game is a cross-play shooter for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, he revealed.

other games in the line up include “Axiom Verge,” set for release on March 31 from Thomas Happ and it’s about a sci-fi sidescroller imitating classics like “Metroid.” With combat, search and an interesting Speedrun embedded into the game, it is likely to hit as a new action adventure with a retro look. It is not without glitches to keep you diverted from normal game.

“Axiom Verge” priced $19.99 is yet to be announced for the PS Vita as the developer has decided to release the PS4 first and then go for the PS Vita version.

Another title up for release on the PS4 platform is “FutureGrind” from Milkbag Games, which is a cross between “OlliOlli” and “Uniracers.” The release date is still not known.

Apart from these titles Sony is also reportedly working on some new designs. Game Idealist has reported that there could be a follow-up to “The Order: 1886” and “Little Big Planet 3” faceplates this year.

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