Promoters of MTV Coke Studio in trouble

Legal notice has been slapped against the promoters of MTV Coke Studio, demanding the amount of Rs.1 crore for copyrights infringement of highly-popular Sambalpuri number ‘Rangabati,’ which courted controversy on Sunday after being aired by the TV show.

Reportedly, Lyricist Mitrabhanu Gauntia and music director Prabhudutta Pradhan, who hold copyrights of the original song, have slapped a legal notice, which demands Rs 1 crore from the show promoters because they aired ‘Rangabati,’ an popular Sambalpuri number,  which directs to copyrights infringement.

According to the report published in Times of India, Sagar Pradhan, Supreme Court advocate, who served the notice on behalf of the copyright holders, said Hindustan Coca-cola Beverage Private Limited, Hindustan Coca Cola Holdings Private Limited and Viacom 18 Media Private Limited, singers Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty besides composer Ram Sampat were asked to enter into an agreement with his clients by paying the compensation by July 18 or face legal action. “One must understand that it is the original work of our clients,” Pradhan said.

The song which became immensely popular for its foot-tspping music across the nation was originally composed in the 70’s and that which was rendered by the Jitendra Haripal and Krishna Patel, who were the Sambalpuri singers.

Two days ago the remix version of ‘Rangabati’ was uploaded on YouTube by the MTV and the video received over four lakh hits.

Mitrabhanu reportedly said that the way the song has been distorted, it is misleading the person that is the main reason why he got agitated after watching it on YouTube. The word ‘Ranga’ which means third gender has been used in place of ‘Rangabati’ which is used to describe a beautiful girl. This completely changes the meaning of the song which misleads public, he said.

TOI quoted Mitrabhanu saying, “It is a Sambalpuri song and not an Odia song. This must be acknowledged whoever reproduces it as people are fighting to ensure official language status for the Sambalpuri by its inclusion in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.”

“In any remix, attempt should be made to take the original work to new heights not downgrade it,” said Prabhudutta. Haripal, who took exception to the fact that several words were pronounced in a wrong way in the remix.

Filmmaker Nilamadhab Panda, who hails from western Odisha also said that the show promoters of MTV should have taken permission from the original composer and the lyricist.




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