President Xi Jinping’s Visit Will Strengthen Indo-China ties, says Narendra Modi

India is all set to welcome China’s President Xi Jinping, who will visit Ahmedabad on September 17. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he is sure that the visit will strengthen the bond between India and China.
India is ready to launch what is probably Narendra Modi’s most significant foreign policy initiative for countering Beijing’s growing influence in the Indian Ocean region. India is to launch its own Project Mausam, a transnational initiative meant to revive its ancient maritime routes and cultural linkages with countries in the region.
The project Mausam, Maritime Routes and Cultural Landscapes across the Indian Ocean, will focus on the natural wind phenomenon, especially monsoon winds used by Indian sailors in ancient times for maritime trade, that has shaped interactions between countries and communities connected by the Indian Ocean.
The project is said to explore the multifaceted Indian Ocean, extending from East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka to the Southeast Asian archipelago.
While India is one of the countries invited to join China’s maritime silk route initiative, New Delhi has been alarmed by the interest shown by Sri Lanka and Maldives in the very proposal, which apparently seeks to revive ancient economic linkages.
An MEA spokesperson said that the protracted border issue, transgressions along the Line of Actual Control, Tibet affairs, and stapled visas for all Arunachal residents will also be topics for discussion during Modi-Jinping meet.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written his welcome note for Jinping on his blogging site of twitter. Modi said that his visit will strengthen ties between India and China, which share a strong bond of Buddhism.
Modi’s tweet was "On 17th, I look forward to welcoming President Xi Jinping in Ahmedabad. Am sure his visit will strengthen India-China ties.” Recalling the historic ties between the countries, he wrote, "Buddhism is a very strong bond between China and India. In fact, Gujarat too has a very rich Buddhist heritage." He has also mentioned that the well known Chinese traveller Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang) noted the presence of Buddhist monasteries, monks in parts of Gujarat.

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