Premonition Turns True? Kannada actor Raghava Uday, Stuntman Anil Killed in Helicopter Stunt

Raghava Uday

Raghava Uday

Kannada actor Raghava Uday and a stuntman Anil are feared killed in a fatal accident when they were shooting for the film Maasti Gudi in which Duniya Vijay is the lead actor.

The stunt involved all the three actors jumping from the helicopter about 100 metres above into a reservoir and they did so but only Vijay managed to swim out of the water safely and the other two actors did not, leading to a massive search operation in the waters for them.

Shockingly, all the three actors admitted before the accident that they were not professional swimmers and depend on rescue team below for their safety and it came like a premonition from their talk that they leave it to God. The police said the chances of finding them alive were slim giving rise to fears that they may have drowned into the water.


Stunt actor Anil

The shooting location was atop Tippagondanahalli lake on Magadi Road, 35km west of Bengaluru and the incident took place at 3 pm on Monday evening. Some reports suggested that Vijay was given safety harness and the other two were not.

Police said they may register a criminal case against the filmmakers for not taking sufficient safety arrangements before shooting the mid-air stunt, which is the main reason behind the mishap as the motor boat in the waters failed to start the engine to go and fetch the actors.

Ironic but just an hour before the stunt act on waters, both the actors admitted that they were not professional swimmers in an exclusive interview to a local TV channel PublicTV in Kannada as seen in this Youtube grab.

Both actors who died in the accident said that they leave it to God’s hands if something goes wrong before the incident.

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