Pregnant Woman Denied Hospital Admission Gives Birth in e-Rickshaw

Named aptly after Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra, the hospital in New Delhi denied admission to a pregnant woman the way the ancient legend denied room in a cemetery to his own son’s body.

The woman left hue and dry in an e-rickshaw gave birth to a baby girl in vehicle on Saturday in Narela area of the capital. Though both mother and child are healthy, the question of hospital’s refusal led to uproar from the public that the hospital authorities soon took her inside for admission.

While a relative told the media that “the mother and child were only taken in after the public and journalists raised a hue and cry,” the hospital doctors refused allegations saying there was no such lapse on their part.

Ironic but the name of the hospital is “Satyawadi Raja Harish Chandra”, the legend king in ancient Hindu epic who sold his wife and son into slavery to keep up his word (satya wadi), himself ended up as a watchman of a cemetery.

When his wife brings a dead son of theirs to the cemetery, he realises and then his perpetrators apologise and restore him to the throne.

The difference is that Raja Harish Chandra did it to keep up his word and duty, while the modern hospital denied for other reasons they failed to reveal.

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