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Post-Baahubali, Chiru’s Next Film Titile ‘Uyyalawada’ to Undergo Change Now

Ever since Chiranjeevi announced on his popular TV show “Evaru Meelo Koteeswarudu” that his next 151st film on freedom fighter Uyyawada Narasimha Reddy against the British much before the 1857 nationwide so-called “Sepoy Mutiny” or India’s First freedom Struggle.

However, Bahubali 2 success has turned the tables around that Chiranjeevi has a bigger task of making the next blockbuster at least meeting half-way the high expectations of his fans and followers. Gulte has reported that the project is being revisited.

Some of the chyanges include changing the title to attract Hindi, Tamil and other language viewers that could evoke the national interest as a film showing Indian national freedom fighter in his own local way in Ceded districts of erstwhile British-time Madras province.

Chiranjeevi’s son Charan, who is the producer of the film under Konidela Productions, has reportedly decided to change the title first and then widen the scope of the film to attract the viewers in all the three languages — Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

Once the new title gets a broader acceptance, Charan may focus on roping in a good director who can visualize the story to be picturised in a high-end Hollywood-style film. From less than Rs.100 crore, the budget is being revised to Rs. 150 crore now and may go up depending on the settings required for it.

To match the wider appeal, actors will be drawn from all the three languages, naturally. One thing is that the heroine will be from the Bollywood, so it is for everybody to guess who could it be?

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