PM’s US Visit: Modi Draws Attention of Mob at Madison Square Garden.

Being filled with the cheering crowd of 20,000 in the iconic Madison Square Garden of New York, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a great response from the mob while addressing them here on Sunday.
Addressing the huge crowd, Modi began with ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. He revealed, "I got here selling tea… I am a very small man, a common man. I am small, so my heart lies in working for the common man. But I want to do big things for the little people."
Modi said, “You have given me a lot of love.” He added, “This kind of love has never been given to any Indian leader, ever. I’m very grateful to you. And I will repay that loan by forming the India of your dreams.”
During his speech, Modi promised to build an India of their dreams and urged them to join him in this task. He said that he wants the wealthy and talented persons of India to contribute their skills and experience to their country. Modi assured that, “I will make the India of your dreams… together we will serve Mother India.”
Meanwhile, Modi mentioned about the Jan Dhan scheme as well as the success of Mars Orbiter Mission. He said, "I have small dreams but I want to motivate people to do big things." He pointed out the plan to construct new toilets and clean the Ganga.
He said many people have said cleaning the Ganga as an impossible task. “But people would not have made me the Prime Minister if I do not do difficult things…and if people think building toilets is a small thing, since I have begun life as a small man, I like to do small things… and big things for small people.
Modi expressed his gratitude to the mob, saying, “I have not had a chance to thank you yet. And let me tell you that I have not even taken a 15-minute break since taking over as Prime Minister."
However, Modi said that it is development which has to become a mass movement in the country. He mentioned about the country’s young workforce and said that they should be ‘exported’ to the world, especially teachers and nurses.
Modi had received a warm welcome by the Indian diaspora in US. The community reception by the Indian American Community Foundation, held on Sunday at MSG, was one of the important schedules of Modi’s US visit.
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