PM Modi Launches Key Labour Forms Today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched labour reform initiatives that aim at creating a favourable environment for industrial development in the country and lessening the stress of people, on Thursday.

The schemes Shram Suvidha portal, a Labour Inspection Scheme and Universal Account Number (UAN) for Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) were launched at the event ‘Deen Dayal Upadhyay Shrameva Jayate’ in Vigyan Bhavan conference complex.

Modi said, “The power that Satyamev Jayate has, the same power Shramev Jayate has for the development of our nation."

The EPFO is in the process of allotting a unique portable number termed UAN to the employees across the organised sector. Once a UAN is allotted to employees, they need not go through their employer to provide details to EPFO.

UAN will help employees as they will have no longer to apply for transfer of provident fund (PF) accounts claim while switching job anywhere in the country, reducing time in fund transfer. An employee will be able to download or print his passbook, UAN card, list previous member ID and file and view transfer claims through the new UAN portal.

In the midst of applause, Modi said, "How to change the work culture? These efforts are a great example.” He said, "This is Minimum Government Maximum Governance." Modi declared, "E-governance is easy governance. It builds trust for transparency."

Regarding Inspector Raj, he said that a computer now determines where an inspection will be carried out the next day. He also said the number of forms that companies have to fill regarding their labour force has been reduced from as many as 16 to just one now. He said the form can be filed online.

The new inspections scheme envisages doing away with the discretionary power of inspectors and any decision on inspections will be taken only after the proposed central analysis and intelligence unit analyses the compliance reports by the employers. Making the process transparent and accountable, inspectors have to fill the reports within three days online.

Modi also unveiled a booklet on National Brand Ambassadors for Vocational Training and a Souvenir for All India Skill Competitions. According to an official, all the initiatives are a step towards boosting India’s rank on the ease-of-doing-business criterion.

(With inputs from IANS)

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