PM Modi Declares 745 Crore Aid for Jammu and Kashmir

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces 745 crore relief fund for the flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, after celebrating Diwali with the soldiers at Siachen.

Modi had begun his celebrations on Diwali by a visit to soldiers on Wednesday. He has tweeted, "After the Siachen visit I will continue with my scheduled visit to Srinagar to spend time with those affected due to the recent floods.”

However, after Modi’s Siachen visit, he left for Srinagar to visit the flood-hit people, where he was expected to visit a relief camp. He has announced, "I had come here immediately after the floods last month and announced a relief package of Rs.1,000 crore. The purpose of my today’s visit has been to meet the people and get a better idea about what needs to be done for the people who suffered during the floods."

According to reports, Modi said the loss memo of Rs.44,000 crore submitted to the Centre by the state government was being examined, and announced an immediate relief of Rs.570 crore for rebuilding of damaged homes and Rs.175 crore for similarly affected hospitals in the state.

Addressing the Indian soldiers, he said, “It is because of your courage that 125 crore Indians are celebrating a peaceful Diwali in their homes.” Modi said that the nation will stand shoulder to shoulder with them. He added, “We have a peaceful sleep because you are living a tough life on the borders… I am fortunate that as a servant of the nation, I got to see in what circumstances the soldiers have to live here. It is my duty to see that you and your family live in pride.”

On Wednesday, on his micro-blogging site Twitter, Modi had tweeted, "Friends, I am leaving for Siachen Glacier. It’s my good fortune that I will be able to spend time with our brave soldiers on this special day." Adding, "Be it the altitude or bitter cold, nothing deters our soldiers. They stand there, serving our nation. They make us truly proud."

Meanwhile, though two factions of Hurriyat Conferencecalled for a general strike and peaceful protests against the visit of the Prime Minister, they were arrested on Wednesday.

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