PM Modi Brings in Pachauri to Head Climate Change Panel as Sunita Narain is Out

Businessman Ratan Tata and the head of the Centre for Science and Environment, Sunita Narain, have been replaced by environmentalist R K Pachauri and economist Nitin Desai in the Prime Minister’s council on climate change, that decides on India’s stand during the global negotiations.

The new panel will attend the next round of UN climate negotiations in December in Peru. Apart from Pachauri, head of The Energy and Resources Institute and chair of the UN Intergovernmental on Climate Change, and economist Nitin Desai, Chandrashekar Dasgupta, a retired diplomat, J M Mauskar, Ajay Mathur, the director-general of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ajay Mathur, will be the panel’s members.

The council, though set up in 2006, was almost defunct for the past three years owing to differences within the UPA government on the climate change policy. The current panel will guide the policy for the government for the next round of climate change treaty to be signed in 2015.

India has to revise its INDCs or “intended nationally determined contributions” for the Peru Meeting as the existing targets were almost a decade-old and the US and EU are forcing New Delhi to reduce greenhouse gases further.

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