‘PK’ 4th Motion Poster Goes with Anushka Sharma, with Transistor?

The first poster of Aamir Khan with just a transistor covering his private parts has created uproar among his admirers for promoting semi-nude posters while speaking morals on TV show "Satyameva Jayate". A PIL by the All India Human Rights and Social Justice Front to ban the release of the film was dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Some reports said the poster was copied from a work of Portuguese musician Quim Barreiros way back in 1973.

However, the second poster covered it enough for his semi-nude first one showing in full Rajasthani attire, wearing googles and holding onto a heavy brass tenor. While the second poster left many wondering what the storyline is all about, the third poster introduced Sanjay Dutt as Bhairav Singh and Aamir Khan in a loose police uniform, suggesting that it was stolen from somewhere.

Explaining the strategy behind the poster campaign, the producers and Aamir Khan said every two or 3 weeks, a new poster will be released keeping the word of mouth green till the final release of the film. In all 8 to 10 motion posters will be released.

The latest buzz is that the lead actress Anushka Sharma will pose with the transistor in the upcoming motion poster. She took to Twitter on Tuesdayand posted a video titled: "Mujhe tukur tukur dekhna hai? Toh pehle isse dekho."

In the video, she said, "Bahut tukur tukur dekh liya PK ko… Ab main aa rahi hun Whatsapp pe, 16th October transistor pehen ke. Toh add karo PK ko Whatsapp pe."

Last poster showed Aamir Khan in loose police uniform not fitting his size while the other key actor Sanjay Dutt was shown in a bandmaster avatar, a la, PK second poster in which Aamir sported similar dress.

Aamir Khan took to Twitter last time to promote PK in a typical Bhojpuri accent, as the character in the movie speaks Bhojpuri. The caption for the third poster says, “Why are you staring? Its not me. Its my friend – Bhairon Singh.”

Apart from Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt, ‘PK’ also features Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Raput. Now that Anushka Sharma is featured in the fourth poster, the next poster may have Rajput playing it up.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the first trailer of ‘PK’ will be released on Diwali and the film is set for release just before the Christmas Eve. Its TV rights have already been sold at a whopping price of Rs.85 crore, surpassing all the records in Bollywood until now.

On Twitter, PK’s handle @peekaythefilm further said, "Create a WhatsApp group with 10 friends. Add #PK on the group on +91 7710095890 and watch the 4th motion poster on WhatsApp on Oct 16th!", thus forcing people to publicize PK on the word of mouth than spending crores in media. A new mantra behind PK posters, indeed.

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