PES University Opens Country’s Cyber Defence Research Centre

Bangalore-based PES University will host the National Cyber Defence Research Centre of the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS), a Government of India arm, in its premises, which was opened on Saturday by state education minister T B Jayachandra.

After a two-day National Cyber Safety and Security Standards Summit 2015, the Minister said that the Global regulatory framework needs to be set in motion for Cyber Security and Cyber Law. PES University Chancellor Dr M R Doreswamy said cyber security for the nation is key in modern age and urged the younger generation to take up responsibility for betterment of mankind.

The Center should emerge as Centre of national importance in combating cyber crimesand help law enforcement agencies in cyber crime investigations, he said. NCSSS Additional Director Dr S Amar Prasad Reddy has highlighted the need for cyber security.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between National CyberDefence Research Centre (monitored and controlled by NCSSS) and Cloud Security Alliance (APAC) was signed to the effect to strengthen the Cloud Security in India and also to promote the Cloud Computing in small and medium enterprises sector.

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