Perseid Meteor Show 2014: Today’s Last Show to Witness in Night Sky

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The annual Perseid meteor shower this year will reach its peak on Tuesday but those who have missed it can still catch them on Wednesday night albeit in less number.

The Perseids this year also coincided with the August month Supermoon with bright light affecting the clarity in vision of the falling stars in the sky.

To see if there is an astronomy event near you, visit NASA’s Night Sky Network. Otherwise, many US cities are awake to witness the night sky and here are some places, options and spots from where you can see the Perseid Meteors.

New York:

Upper Manhattan’s Inwood Hill Park is an ideal place frequented by amateur astronomers as it is secluded and provides dark sky in a city filled with skyhigh buildings and lights in the sky. Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field is another spot to view the Perseids.

Los Angeles:

In Los Angeles, to see Perseid Meteors, a visit to an observatory is a must. The Griffith Observatory will be open to the public and there will be public telescopes.


The Northern Virginia Astronomy Club, C.M. Crocket Park, and Sky Meadows State Park will host stargazing or Perseid Meteor viewing parties.


The George Observatory will be hosting the Perseid meteor shower on Tuesday for $5.


The Boston University Observatory has a public open night every Wednesday. Visit it tonight or else visit the Museum of Science, which has an “Astronomy After Hours” event on Fridays.


The Denver Astronomical Society will hold a public night at Chamberlin Observatory, priced $3.

New Jersey:

In Boonton, Morris County, the Sheep Hill Observatory is hosting a Perseid meteor shower event at 8:30 p.m.

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