Pentagon Spends $1.1 Billion on US Military Operations against Islamic State Militants

The US Central Command revealed that the Pentagon has spent about $ 1.1 billion on US military operations, since mid-June, against the Islamic States in Syria and Iraq.

On Monday, the data released shows that while Navy has dropped almost 185 munitions, including 47 cruise missiles launched from ships in the region, Air Force fighter jets have exceeded those numbers by launching close to 1,000 munitions.
According to the data released, about $62 million has been spent on Navy munitions whereas cost estimates for Air Force munitions are not provided.
The air strikes in Iraq and Syria has been launched by the US on August 7 and September 22 respectively. It has been conducted as part of US President Barack Obama’s comprehensive strategy to degrade and destroy ISIL.
According to reports, the Navy spent in bulk for the 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired by American warships in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea that targeted the Khorasan Group, an al-Qaida cell, in eight locations west of the city of Aleppo in Syria.
Though the costs of operations were started at a lower rate in the beginning, June, it has been increased as airstrikes began in northern Iraq by August. In late August, according to the Pentagon, the cost was an average of $7.5 million per day.
According to reports, the air strikes were expanded to Syria in September, prompting the latest, higher average estimates.
There are, at present, over 1,300 U.S. troops in Iraq, including security personnel, staff at two joint operations centers in Baghdad and Irbil, and advisory teams that are working with Iraqi brigades and headquarters units.
Including several Arab nations that are conducting airstrikes in Syria, a coalition of about 40 nations is participating in the U.S-led operations. There are also many European nations that are participating in the airstrikes in Iraq whereas not in Syria.

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