Peaceful Half Moon Defies Doomsday Prophecy; Watch Sun Now!

How does the moon on Friday be? It is half moon and peaceful as ever defying the doomsday prophecies. Except for dark dots as usual reflecting the uneven surface of the moon, it bores no testimony to the so-called doomsday prediction on Friday, the Dec. 21, 2012.

Just two years ago, on January 19 when the Super Moon appeared many apocalypse believers wished the image on moon was that of an infant Jesus being held by Mother Mary. While many believers went into a crazy wish that it would be the imminent end of the world. Not so and here we are again witnessing the Dec. 21 Doomsday based on the ancient Mayan calendar.

NASA is stubbornly strong at this point that the world will not end on Friday. “It will be another winter solstice,” NASA said. “The claims behind the end of the world quickly unravel when pinned down to the 2012 timeline.” In fact, the Prescott Observatory will broadcast live the view of┬ásun on Friday from 10 am, if a disastrous earth-ending solar flare is brewing.

The website is not leaving it unused. It is gearing up to live-stream feeds from its telescopes in the Cayman Islands and Arizona watching the skies for any possible rogue asteroids, monster solar flares or some unknown planets going astray.

Non-believers are, anyway, casual in their approach but not leaving the chance to make merry out of the event. Many restaurants are ready to offer survival dinners on Friday while the office-goers are readying for a casual weekend party. Every such event ends up making the mankind more resolved to survive.

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