Panic-Stricken Doctor Flees Operation Mid-Way

It happens only in India as there are numerous hospitals with patients but insufficient number of doctors to attend to them. The corporate structure has left many hospitals on a fly-by-night mode and no wonder a Mumbai hospital resident doctor left the operation mid-way leading to the patient’s death.

Waman Zare, 65, was admitted to Sion hospital in Mumbai a week ago and was suffering from lung disease with fluid retention in lungs, requiring a procedure on the operation table. But the operation to be conducted by a first year resident turned chaotic as he punctured the right lung instead of the left one and developed panic and fled the scene, leaving the procedure to another PG doctor.

Representational picture of an operating room (Photo: Creative Commons)

Meanwhile, the patient suffered cardiac shock and died on the Operation Table. While the hospital’s acting dean Dr N D Moulick said it was a case of “human error”, the sad incident has triggered debate over whose mistake it was.

Just a week ago, an incident where a live operation was telecast and the patient died mid-way shocking the country as if the death was live for their eyes only.

Even reactions to the incident in Sion hospital triggered debate.

One such reaction on Zee news by Siva Prasad says, “A patient comes to hospital because he is SICK.He may either worsen or become better depending on many parameters.Left alone he would surely die. A doctor along with hospital staff TRIES to save the patient.We should not try to SPREAD HATRED in society against doctor/hosp. staff.The author of this atricle also needs a doctor at some point in his life. Be caring and loving in society.”

Does it mean the write faces music when he sees a doctor next?

However, another reaction from kimd said: “We will have lots of these types of doctors on the way if the Merit Seats vs Management Seats ratio remains depleting. Money can buy degrees but not Intelligence or Will-To-Serve. While today Almost 100% of doctors graduate with the a strong Will-To-Earn than to Serve.”

Indeed, this comment holds weight as doctors require not merely training but also counselling not to make a mistake in the first place and secondly, not to flee midway but try their level best to save the patient.

Another comment by Fasahat TKS apt;y captures the message:”Nowadays doctors and the people who are running healthcare industries are becoming very greedy due to which this kind of incidents are happening.”

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  1. Well you should have exposed the doctors name as well who had done this stupid mistake…

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