Pakistan Plane Crash 2012: Chequered past of Karachi-based Bhoja Air

Pakistan’s Bhoja Air, whose ill-fated 27-year-old Boeing 737 aircraft that crashed near Rawalpindi, 10 km away from Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport on Friday, with 127 on board, had a chequered past.

Bhoja Air came under debt crisis and ceased its operations in 2000 but re-launched in 2011. In fact, the ill-fated flight was on its maiden flight from Karachi to Islamabad after a gap of 11 years. Bhoja Air has resumed its flights just a month ago after nursing bad debts for over a decade following cancellation of its flights in 2001. It had retained its license throughout, though.

The Karachi-based airlines was among the first to start private flights in Pakistan in 1993 with leased aircraft Boeing 737-200. It had announced its maiden flight on its website on April 20 proudly but the fate has turned different for the ailing airlines.

Incidentally, the aircraft Boeing 737-200 was retired by Shaheen Airlines but was put into service by the Bhoja Air last month.

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