Overwhelming Response to ‘Baahubali’ Stuns Rajamouli, Entire Film Fraternity

Bahubali poster

Bahubali poster

When ‘Eega’ director S.S. Rajamouli set upon making the film ‘Baahubali’ he was sure that it would be another magnum opus like ‘Magadheera’ bereft of any modern day manipulation in the story.

A director known for his innovative ideas and perfection in Telugu films, Rajamouli did not take chance whenever he faced problems making ‘Baahubali’ a Class A film on par with Hollywood perfection and technical prowess.

While many such films in the past failed miserably, thanks to his tech-savy skills employed in the film, the response from the modern day youth and elders was alike to the film — just overwhelming. Rajamouli himself was taken aback at the response from the audience, irrespective of language and region. It went to become India’s biggest opener in history and turned the attention of all to what India, that too a Telugu film director can do.

In his Twitter account, he said, “A big thank you to all my Twitter friends for your great patronage. To be very frank, I neither expected this big a support nor the initial backlash… But the appreciation pouring in from all quarters, all corners of the globe, we are just overjoyed. Thanks again on behalf of my team.”

The appreciation from the film fraternity is no less deafening. Tamil filmmaker S. Shankar said “Baahubali” was truly epic. “Bahubali- epic thoughts! Poetic imagination! Strong characterizations! Super heroism! Executed with stunning visuals! Wowww! Cheers 2 Rajamouli n his team,” he said on Twitter.

Industrialist Anand Mahendra from nowhere took to Twitter to appreciate the director. “Baahubali is a staggering achievement. Its scale, CGI finally unleash the potential of Indian mythology and folklore on the big screen (sic).”

The film made with Rs.250 crore has already minted Rs.180 crore in 4 days. It was released in four languages — Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi, and it is going successful in all the languages.

Starring Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Tamannah Bhatia, ‘Baahubali’ is about the battle between two brothers for an ancient kingdom in Andhra.


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