The colour of water in the Ganga river has changed to black due to pollution, in Allahabad, on Dec 17, 2014. (IANS)

Over 100 Bodies Found Adrift in River Ganga, UP Govt Orders Probe

The Ganga is seen with more than 100 dead bodies drifting over the sacred river, which leads to major environmental threats in the areas of Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh.

When over 50 dead bodies were found in the area, the UP government have ordered a probe on Wednesday. As per reports, the bodies were found in a canal which connects Periyar Ghat to Ganga river in Unnao district.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (Law and Order), A Satish Ganesh said, “During preliminary investigation, local residents informed that instead of cremating the bodies of unmarried girls they are set adrift in the Ganga river.”

The bodies were found surfaced after the water in the river receded near Periyar Ghat. According to reports, the flesh from the bodies was being eaten by dogs, crows and vultures.

Amid, at the Periyar Ghat, cremations are held frequently. As per IG Ganesh, “Most of the bodies were badly mutilated so it was difficult to ascertain their gender.”

Meanwhile, as per reports, a district official, Suraj Prasad assured of proper action after the investigation. He reportedly said, “I have asked the police and my staff to probe it. Action will be taken after the probe how the bodies came into it. It could be that some bodies were submerged after the death. They came on the back due to low water level.”

Whereas, Ganesh reportedly said that as for now the case did not seem to be related to any crime, but police were looking into the all angles.

The bodies found are also considered as the ones who have been submerged by the relatives for salvation, as per Hindu belief.

Meanwhile, even at 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas at Mahatma Mandir that was inaugurated a week ago, Modi has attempted to broaden the “Clean Ganga” mission. However, the initiatives and plans to clean up the revered river seem to be still in papers but not in action.


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