Organic wedding invites, a trend to follow

weddingGoing organic is the new trend in the fashion circuit, and wedding invitation card designer Puneet Gupta has come up with eco-wedding invites for environmentally conscious couples who want to make their D-day a nature friendly affair.

From organic paper, recycled envelopes, eco-friendly inks, sustainable and organic wines to vegetarian menu to a daytime ceremony, consumers are willing to indulge in green wedding-eco invites, and Gupta feels that what they just need is the right guidance.

“There are many who want to ride the green wave. All they need is someone to help them endorse the idea. I as a responsible designer feel that we should take the trend forward. Weddings can be opulent, beautiful and very sophisticated by going all green,” Gupta told IANS.

Some of the key materials used for eco-friendly invites are ombré dyed ribbons, jute buttons and frills, burlap tie-ups, handmade papers, elephant dung papers, dried flowers and leaves.

The most innovative of all is recycled wood peel boxes and scrolls.

Of course, the cost of such weddings is higher.

“It actually depends on what and how you do it. For instance, if I am using recycled paper, it’s going to be more cost effective than those of imported European mill paper, which a lot of us use,” he said.

“The cost lies in your idea. If you plan to use your old beer bottle and just get scrolls made for it, you actually are reusing waste and avoiding the cost of a fancy scroll holder.

“For gift wraps, you can use old newspapers with interesting block printing on it rather than using chemical ink machine printing,” he added.(ians)

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