Ola Tactics: New Demand & Supply Rule Charges 120% Extra from Hapless Customers

When it comes to business, all fair talk and fair play takes back seat and Ola is not far behind other privte taxi operators in fleecing its customers the sky-high rates during weekend rush or remote area service.

Come Saturday and Sunday, weekend rush hits the roof in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and not letting out the chance to make unjustified extra cash, Ola, the so-called trusted friend of techies, has rolled out “Demand and Supply” rates amounting not merely double but more than double at 1:2.2 ratio. If a ride usually costs Rs.200, the customer will be billed Rs.520.

When queried, Ola executive informed one customer that a message was sent to the passenger before sending the cab saying that there are many requests for cabs in the area and unless he pays 120% extra, he will not get a ride. Hapless passengers, especially women and families are caught in a Catch-22 situation.

Despite its tall-talk, Ola is silently rolling out its true traits and there is no way to realise whether Ola was indeed facing scarcity of taxis or is it yielding to pressure from taxi drivers to collect more money. Since there is no regulator, no rule or no cap on how much taxis can charge, Ola reigns riding high on its app and reach. There is no way for a passenger to know the reality.

Next time you take an Ola, check the timing, reach and vicinity. You may end up paying 120% extra, more so during the weekends and in nights. And Ola reaps profits, extends to other cities and makes merry like any money lender unabashed. Unless rivals offer better services, Ola monopoly will continue.

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