‘Oh Crap’ App to help when caught DUI (Driving under influence)

New York, March 31 : Had a tipple too many and have to drive thereafter? Don’t fear — if you are caught driving under the influence, switch on this app on your smartphone to know your basic legal rights.

The app, developed by an Iowa-based law firm, comes to the rescue of people suspected of being behind the wheel when drunk.

The app, aptly named ‘Oh Crap App’, has been developed to inform people what they can and cannot do after being pulled over for suspected drunk driving.

“One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they know their rights,” Attorney Bob Rehkemper, one of the creators, was quoted as saying.

Press the ‘Oh Crap’ button, if you see cops asking you to stop the car.

Hit it and get advice like “the less you say the better”, “be polite”, and “lawyer up”.

The app lists basic legal rights and even has a blood alcohol calculator.

The ‘Oh Crap’ button would turn on your smart phone’s voice recorder and record conversation you have with a cop.

It would then send the audio file to a secure server, media reports said.

This audio is potentially valuable evidence in court, said the report.(IANS)


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