October Month Marks Breast Awareness TV Program on DD Chandana

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with thousands of organisations worldwide staging annual campaign to highlight the importance of breast cancer and research.

Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells, which results in formation of lumps within the breast. It can be treated if detected early. If not detected, it can be a life threatening disease as it can also spread to other parts of the body.

It can occur at any age but, it is most common in women above the age of 40 years. In India, Breast Cancer accounts for 25% to 31% of all cancers in women. The average age of developing breast cancer has also undergone a significant shift from 50 – 70 years to 30 – 50 years.

Usually confined to cities, this time it is being taken to rural women in India by Doordarshan Chandana in Karnataka, sposnored by Grameen Koota Jagruti Initiative.

The program will be aired on Doordarshan Chandana daily from 3rd October 2016 till 7th October 2016 (Monday to Friday) at 7:30 pm in the evening, said Grameen Koota in a statement.

The TV program features medical experts Dr. Jayanthi Tumse, Oncologist and Dr. Hema Diwakar, Gynaecologist, explaining the breast and cervical cancer. Several patients who recovered from cancer and their family members have also participated in the program, which was coordinated by Mahathi Media.

Explaining Jagruti Initiative, Grameen Koota Managing Director and CEO Mr. Udaya Kumar said, "Initially, we designed the persona ‘Jagruti’ to create awareness on various issues among our women customers, who today has become a perceived brand ambassador. Through this television program ‘Jagruti’ will bring more awareness among the general public about Breast and Cervical Cancer. We hope this initiative will benefit the entire community, especially women in rural areas to understand and seek treatment for the disease. It is expected to be viewed by about 10 lakh households who are part of Grameen Koota in Karnataka."

‘Jagruti’ Initiative by Grameen Koota was introduced in 2011 to spread awareness among its women customers, who are mostly rural based. The message is given in a unique method by narrating the experiences through engaging stories during the weekly meetings, said Grameen Koota in its statement.

The Jagruti Initiative covers topics related to Financial Literacy, Health issues, Education, Sanitation, Personal and Home Hygiene, Disease Prevention, Women’s safety, Social Rights etc. and the program has become an important source of information for its women customers, said Grameen Koota.

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