Obama rules out military action over Russian ‘invasion’ in Ukraine


US President Barack Obama on Thursday emphatically said NO to pleas for quick U.S. action in Ukraine after reports of vivid Russia’s military invasion into Ukraine surfaced.

Obama, who authorized immediate air raids in Iraq early this month, however, remained cautious about Russia saying his administration would penalize Moscow for opening a new front against Ukrainian forces.

Otherwise, Obama painted the Kremlin’s moves as a continuation of a pattern rather than a new phase in the struggle between pro-Russia separatists and Ukraine’s government.

“We are not taking military action to solve the Ukrainian problem,” he said. “It is very important to understand that a military solution to this problem is not going to be forthcoming.”

On reports of Russia moving more than 1,000 troops this week, Obama said he would continue along his path of cooperating with Europe to gradually impose tougher sanctions.

However, he didn’t specify what new economic penalties he was considering, but said the next week meeting with European leaders during his trip to a North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in Wales would decide. US sanctions so far have mostly resulted in additional Russian provocation in Ukraine, highlighting no effect.

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