Number Crazy Delhi Bids for Car Number 0001 at Rs.12.5 Lakh

1Numbers have kept people busy and those crazy for the best number or No.1 are ready to cough up Rs.12.5 lakh, going by the record sale of the number by Delhi Transport department. In all the department raised Rs.72.4 lakh from the e-auction it conducted this week.

Moving away from the practice of allotting these numbers to VIPs, the Delhi Transport Department has gone online to auction the attention-catching numbers like 0001, 9999, etc and mopped up huge money, promising a new source of revenue for the department. This season, 140 numbers have been listed in the e-auction and 29 of them were sold for lakhs online ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.12.5 lakh. Though the reserve price for 0001 was merely Rs.5 lakh, it went up to Rs.12.5 lakh.

“The response shows that people don’t mind spending money to buy these numbers. Once people get to know about these results, I am sure it would generate more revenue for the transport department. We would hold another auction of registration numbers next month,” said an upbeat Special Commissioner (Transport), Kuldeep Singh Ganger.

The winner of the number 0001 was Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited, he informed the media.

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