Now Nepal Too Bans Maggi Noodles after India

maggiIn a sort of chair reaction trascending borders, neighbouring Nepal has decided to ban the import and sale of Nestle’s Maggi noodles from India citing the lead , following reports that the level of lead content in the popular instant snack in India was found to be above permissible limit.

“We have banned the import and sale of Maggi noodle for the time being as India, the country where the noodle is produced, itself has imposed ban in the food item,” said Kamal Prasad Bhattarai of the Department of Commerce.

He said the samples of the noodle have been submitted for quality check and for the time being the item has been banned for sale and distribution until the result of the test is available.

Maggi noodles removed its stock from the shelves facing a ban in Delhi, UP and other states in India when reports onfirmed that it has a high level of lead and excessive amounts of taste enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Nepal said the popular noodle brand may be banned permanently if the final test report turns positive.

Lead content in 14 of 27 samples in India was found to be 2.8 PPM to 5 PPM (particle per million), far above the prescribed limit of 2.5 PPM, which is harmful.

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