The wife and children of Rajan in front of the new house.

Exclusive: Not Merely a Christmas Gift, But a New Life

By Merry Sam in Kottayam

It was not a mere a Christmas gift but a new life for Villodiyil Rajan’s family from the students of Santhwanam Club of Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, when they assisted the family to complete the construction of their house, on Friday in Chungathara, a village in Malappuram district of Kerala.

Sreedevika and Sreelakshmi, who are studying in second and third standard respectively, were noticed by the club members since their father had undergone treatment. Rajan, who was handicapped too, was suffering from kidney failure. Though the club members had lent their hands for the treatment of their friends’ father, he had passed away a month ago.

It was then the initiative taken by the students to complete the construction of the house, which was in a stagnant position since three years after the Panchayat had allotted it.

The cost of the completion of the construction, Rs 2,30,000, was completely contributed by the students and teachers of the school. Meanwhile, the students have not only contributed money but also they have involved as workers in the construction of work. The house consists of a sit-out, two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a pooja room and a bathroom.

However, the initiative taken by the club has turned into a success during the completion of the house. While the family seem to be overjoyed with the students’ action, the people in the society admired the same. After, the public came up with their contributions, which turned to be a huge sum of about Rs 9 lakh. The amount collected from the public was deposited in the name of three students on Friday.

According to the Head Master of Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Dr PJ Samuel, “We are happy with the initiative taken by the students to help their friends’ and family. The effort taken by the students as well as teachers to complete this mission is appreciable as it became a turning point in the life of Rajan’s family. We are also happy with the public, who have supported the initiative taken by our students and contributed to the sum.”

The school leader as well as the leader of Scout and Guides, Sidharth S, said that it is a proud moment for them as they could help their friends during their need and help them to achieve the dream of their father. He said, “We feel proud and it has become a motivation for us to do more such activities for the society. We focused on this as the students belong to our school.”

Mentioning the incredible effort taken by the students, he said, “Each and every student has contributed to the success of our mission. Also, Babu Shareef, our teacher and a social worker, has helped and guided us well in the right path to fulfil the goal. ” He said while some students who work in the clubs such as Red Cross and Scout and Guides have helped physically in the construction work of the house as a service, others from Santhwanam Club helped financially, by contributing and collecting money.

However, this seems to be a great moment of achievement for the school’s clubs and the teachers, who guided the project during the season of joy. The students have really passed the message of the season to the society through their actions.(GIN)


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