Nostradamus to 2017: Will Trump Preside Over Next Global Recession?

The 16th century prophet Michel de Nostredame, who predicted the rise of Hitler, the 9/11 attacks had also given hint about Donald Trump’s presidential victory on the page, making the year 2017 difficult to cross over without havocs and upheavals.

Now that Donald Trump was sworn in against all odds as the US 45th President, what came as “America First” speech was not without rhyme or reason. Top on the list was Italy tumbling down in money markets and paving the way for an unsteady world.

Secondly, Nostradamus, according to his followers, also gave a hint at Hot War, which could be a near nuclear war, dangling as a sword on humankind since the end of World War Two after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Nostradamus also predicted that the “current superpower”, which is still a reference to the US, may become increasingly ungovernable and incompetent in the year 2017 as Trump enters the office.

The Oval Office now occuped by Trump and the administrative overhaul already completed, what ensues for the new administration is an unpleasant administrative machinery with nearly half of the population feeling uneasy.

Will he pitch for mining industry in Alaska as promised? If so, the seeds of future global recession will be sowed now so the next two years will turn around the recovery in global economy.

Secondly, China and India will see erosion of wealth by double digits in the next one year as a result of domestic squeeze over liquidity. With Europe already sidelined, Russia exhausting its mineral resources, the pressure will be on virgin US mining resources including Alaska’s Carrier deal now.

What Trump will do in the next 100 days will position the way global recession will propel the world economy.

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