Norwegian Govt clears Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus from charges

Norwegian government has cleared Nobel Laureaute Muhammad Yunus from the charge of unauthorised fund-transfers in mid-90s.

Minister for Environment and International Development Erik Solheim said in a posting on the foreign ministry website that the Grameen Bank had neither embezzled the funds of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) nor used the money for unintended purposes.

Solheim’s remarks came in the wake of a report by Norad which cleared all the allegations made in a television broadcast. “According to the report, there is no indication that Norwegian funds have been used for unintended purposes or corrupt practices. The matter was concluded when the agreement concerning reimbursement of the funds was entered into in May 1998 under the government in office at the time,” the miniser said.

Grameen Bank spokesman Mohammad Shajahan welcomed the clarification and said, “We are very happy that the actual proof has come to light and we hope this will end all debate about Grameen.”

Grameen Bank had given clarification on the issue last week saying the $100-million grant from Norway was not transferred to Grameen Kalyan but briefly shown as part of a major fund of the group but was reverted back immediately.

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