Northeastern US faces ‘historic blizzard’ today

Residents of the states of the northeastern US would face a “historic blizzard” that would affect the region from Monday onwards, warned meteorologists.

Weather authorities have also issued a blizzard warning for Philadephia, Pennsylvania and the east coast including New York, New Jersey and New England, as well as Canada, from Monday afternoon to Tuesday.

“It’s a winter storm that could have historical proportions,” The Weather Channel reported Sunday.

Airlines such as American, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and US Airways rescheduled flight itineraries and announced cancellations due to the weather forecasts, allowing passengers travelling to the northeast to change their flights free of charge.

The storm is expected to affect the major airports in Boston, Philadelphia, JFK Airport and LaGuardia in New York, and Newark Airport in New Jersey, among many others.

Meteorologists forecast heavy snowfall accompanied by strong winds of between 50 and 65 kph, which could lead to traffic disruptions.

The National Weather Service forecasted snow accumulation of up to half a metre for New York and up to a metre for some parts of New Jersey.

According to the service, some areas of southern New England could see up to 60 cm of snow. Southern Pennsylvania and northern Maryland are expected to have snowfall of between 10 and 20 cm.

Meanwhile, Washington, the country’s capital, is also expected to be affected by the storm. Boston’s Mayor, Martin Walsh, has made an appeal to citizens to look out for the elderly and the homeless to help them if need be.(IANS)

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