North Korea denies hand behind Sony Pictures cyber attack

North Korea has denied hacking into Sony Pictures, which is due to release a comedy film about a plot to assassinate its supreme leader Kim Jong-un.

“We do not know where in America Sony Pictures is situated and for what wrongdoing it became the target of the attack nor we feel the need to know about it,” Xinhua quoted a spokesman for North Korea’s national defence commission as saying.

The official, however, added that the hacking might be “a righteous deed of North Korean supporters and sympathisers” because the movie’s storyline aids terrorism and hurts the dignity of the country’s supreme leadership.

He also described the hackers, who attacked Sony Pictures, as “champions of peace”.

The statement denounced the US for setting Pyongyang as a target of the investigation and South Korea for baselessly linking the cyber attack to North Korea.

A cyber attack last week crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment and led to leakage of a huge amount of data and damage to the underlying system of the corporate.

In June, North Korea denounced the Hollywood comedy, “The Interview”.


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