No Rotimatic, But Here is Dosamatic Available Already

The much-awaited Singapore-made Rotimatic has remained elusive in India but not its counterpart Dosamatic, made by Mukunda foods in Bangalore.

The world’s first commercial fully automatic table top dosa making machine, that can make any type of dosa like masala dosa, onion dosas, rava dosas, butter dosa, pav bhajji dosas etc just at the touch of a button is here now. It can also make pan cakes, omelet, chilla and any form of crepe can also be made in the machine automatically.

Measuring in size 68x56x40 cms, it weighs 60 and the makers assure dosas in sizes of 4 inch to 15 inch, with thickness of 1 mm to 7 mm can be made using anywhere with 220 or 110 volts.

While the price is not revealed yet, it may be anywhere upwards of Rs.6 lakhs, which the makers promise that the Dosa joints can make in six months time. On functioning of the machine, they say, “With easy to install and operate features the machine has interactive screens, simple to understand controls and runs smoothly, the machine can run continuously for 14 hours without a hitch.”

Made by Bangalore based Mukunda Foods, which has been funded by Indian Angel Network (IAN), led by IAN members Hari Balasubramaniam and P Gopinath, was founded by Eshwar K Vikas, Sudarshan Lodha and Sudeep Sabat.

Eshwar K Vikas, co-founder of the company, said, “We will also be building another product later, but as of now our focus is to concentrate on DosaMatic.”

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