No Job for Muslim Boy? Not Surprising in ‘Vegetarian’ Nation!

Srinagar: Muslims during a Muharram procession at Zadibal in Srinagar on Nov. 1, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Srinagar: Muslims during a Muharram procession at Zadibal in Srinagar on Nov. 1, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

In a country whose ancient civilization has deep roots in exclusive policy than inclusive beginning with the Manu system to modern Hindutva, it should not come as a surprise that an MBA graduate has been denied job.

While many private companies surruptitiously deny jobs to the Muslim candidates unless they are from rich and foreign-education background, it should not come as a surprise to the vast private sector that is expanding more on globalization and less on Hindutva.

The latest incident of the Muslim boy Zeeshan Ali Khan getting a prompt and honest mail from one of the trainee HR executive by “mistake” shows that the intentions are clear but the way it was conveyed was ridiculously amateur.

Nonetheless, it has thrown open one more mysterious under currents of the private sector’s maladies in a parochial society that denies renting house to Muslims on the pretext of ‘Vegetarian’ only clause.

The Mumbai-based company apologised, the National Commission for Minorities has ordered an investigation, the National Human Rights Commission may soon look into the issue but there is little one can do when people are prejudiced against one or the other due to religion or language and just by looks sometimes.

The Hari Krishna Exports Private Limited was just the tip of an iceberg as many private companies indulge in such discrimination despite India’s appeal to foreign and Muslim countries for oil and investments and the Christian countries for investments and Buddhist countries for technology.

Indian, especially, exporters should realise that they cannot live isolation and grow. While the fate of Hari Krishna Exports is almost sealed with this glaring misconception, what is puzzling the nation is how they export to the Arab world where their jewelry is high in demand?

Zeeshan faced rejection from the job but there are many who are rejected house rent because they are Muslims and many more who are rejected from initial screening by privat companies because they are Muslims, without even testing the candidate’s capabilities. It is in the mindset of majority of the country.

Sociologists have been constantly reminding us that the bias should go. One professor has conducted research on the attitude of private hiring policies and found that many CVs with a Muslim name do not cross even the preliminary screening.

The dichotomy is that India is still under ancient mindset of suspicion and forceful isolation of people on one pretext or the other, and religion is glaringly one prominent factor. No rules can drill sense into the mindset once it is rotten. The best way is to be aware of such companies and think twice before buying their products.

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