No Gas Subsidy: Oil Firms Send Bulk SMS Notices to All Customers

As per the new policy to remove the dwindling gas subsidy to those above the income level of Rs.10 lakhs per annum, the oil companies in India have taken a shot at all customers sending an SMS to the effect.

The message reads: "Since your income is above 10 lacs, LPG Subsidy is not admissible as per govt directive. Pl submit a declaration to distributor if your income is below 10 lacs." The sender is IODBTL or Indane Oil, a government-owned oil firm.

It is known that the BJP government has been pitching for removal of gas subsidy gradually but the move by Narendra Modi to seek voluntary sacrifice of gas subsidy was not successful. Last year’s budget took the final call and fixed a cap of Rs.10 lacs income as the ceiling to avail the gas subsidy.

Taking a cue, the oil companies have hit upon the idea of sending the new SMS to all the customers, irrespective of their declaration of IT returns. Instead, it has thrown the responsibility on to the customers to prove that they are getting below Rs.10 lacs income.

So, now the customers have to run from pillar to the post to prove that they are getting an annual income of less than Rs.10 lacs. Despite well-connected IT returns policy, the government was taking that extra work to verify them itself before sending the SMS notices unilaterally to the customers.

Indane Oil for instance is spearheading the move hoping that the meagre subsidy being provided to the poor and middle class people in India is robbed. As of now, the subsidy is so little as about Rs.200 on first cylinder and it gets reduced subsequently to as little as Rs.60 per cylinder.

Not content with this, the BJP government and pro-rich Modi government has been trying to send another salvo in its slew of efforts to force the middle class in the country down to its knees.

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  1. This will be downfall of the present Govn. Hitting on the stomach of middle class to enjoy the money by those in power. They should atleast not apply taxes if subsidy is given up. LOOTING the public. We are still in goonda Raj. What happens when a person retires or has no job, will they start back the subsidy? People have to run from pillar to post with no results.

    I am dead against this. They should give tax exempt if subsidy is stopped.
    No voting for BJP next time..

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