NITI Aayog Replaces Planning Commission, PM to Chair Panel

The planning commission, which formulates India’s five year plan, is replaced with NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog, declared the government on Thursday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the chairperson of the panel.

The governing council of the new panel headed by the PM will consists of State Chief Ministers and Lt. Governors of Union Territories. As per reports, the Vice-chairperson and CEO will be appointed by the PM. Meanwhile, NITI Aayog will serve as government “Think Tank” by providing strategic and technical advice on policy matters.

However, as per an official statement, “The regional councils will be convened by the Prime Minister and will comprise the chief ministers of all the states and lieutenant governors of union territories in the region. These will be chaired by the chairperson of the NITI Aayog or his nominee.”

On his micro blogging site, Modi tweeted, “Having served as a CM (chief minister) in the past, I am very much aware of the importance of actively consulting the states. Niti Aayog does precisely that.” He added, “Through the Niti Aayog we wish to ensure that every individual can enjoy the fruits of development & aspire to lead a better life (inclusive growth).”

Modi also tweeted, “A pro-people, proactive & participative development agenda stressing on empowerment & equality is the guiding principle behind NITI Aayog… Through NITI Aayog, we bid farewell to a ‘one size fits all’ approach towards development. The body celebrates India’s diversity & plurality.”

NITI Aayog will look into the implementation of programmes as well as will evaluate it. Apart from this, it aims at preparing the country to deal with issues like poverty alleviation, safeguarding of environmental and ecological assets, redressal of gender, cast and economic inequalities. Also, as per PMO statement, it will give policy support to more than 50 million small businesses to create jobs.

According to the PMO statement, “The Centre-to-state one-way flow of policy, that was the hallmark of the Planning Commission era, is now sought to be replaced by a genuine and continuing partnership of states. It will put an end to “slow and tardy implementation of policy.”

Meanwhile, Former Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank, Arvind Panagariya, is tipped to be the first Vice Chairperson of the new institution.


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