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Nissan Launches Datsun G0+ Priced Rs.3.69 Lakh, Features, Origin, Quick Look

Japan car maker Nissan Motor India rolled out on Friday its latest compact multipurpose vehicle (MPV) Datsun GO+ with a price tag of Rs 3.79 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), which comes close to entry-level cars and may challenge Maruti Suzuki’s Alto-800 model soon.

The Datsun GO+ MPV comes with a 1.2 petrol engine geared to provide a mileage of 20.6 km/litre with a luggage space of 347 litres.

“Datsun GO+ is the second model in Datsun’s India line up and delivers on our promise of making motoring more accessible and more attractive for Indian customers,” said Arun Malhotra, MD, Nissan Motor India, while launching the car.

The Datsun GO+ top end model is priced at Rs 4.61 lakh and the car model, which was a popular Japan model in the US during the late 1970s has been re-launched in India in March 2012.

The Datsun model is currently available in Asian markets of India and Indonesia, besides Russia and South Africa.

Here are some features claimed by the car maker as exclusive on its model:

Interior: From music at your fingertips to extra lighting that guides you to safety, Datsun GO+ puts the driver at the center of all gadgets and the wheel.

QUIET CABIN: Enjoy the conversation and your music. Because Datsun GO+ is solidly built with strategically placed insulation to reduce driving and wind noise, making your time behind the wheel quality time.

ERGONOMIC SEATS: The front seats in Datsun GO+ are specially designed to keep you relaxed and alert, even during long hours behind the wheel. By adapting to the natural curve of the spine when sitting, they individually support the pelvis and chest and relieve pressure on your back. You’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed, ready for whatever you have planned next.

360º AIR CONDITIONING VENTS: Even the air conditioning vents are special. Unlike traditional rectangular vents, their circular design lets you pin-point exactly where you want the air to blow. You can also close them to force more air out of other vents – if it’s just you on board, you can enjoy all the air. And the upper dash vents are perfectly placed to cool off your rear passengers.

FOLLOW ME HOME HEAD LAMPS: Even after you turn the car off, these auto-off head lamps will still light your path, guiding you safely to the front door of your destination. Just click the passing switch once for 30 seconds of light, up to four times for 120 seconds. Because Datsun GO+ looks out for you, right up to the very end of your journey.

INTELLIGENT WIPER SYSTEM: Bad weather needs good wipers. The wipers change frequency automatically as your car’s speed increases, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them. You can stay focused on driving safely, with better visibility. And when you use the winshield washer function, the wipers have a special mode that waits a few seconds, then comes back on to wipe away the last few drops.

LONG RANGE HEADLAMPS: More than stylish, these head lamps with large, hexagonal reflectors provide wider and longer visibility than the competition for best-in-class lighting performance.

GEAR SHIFT GUIDE : The easy-to-read speedometer featuresa gear shift guide right on its face thatshows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.

DIGITAL DISPLAY: The Drive Computer displays fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and, really helpful, distance to empty.

GEAR SHIFT GUIDE: The easy-to-read speedometer features a gear shift guide right on its face thatshows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.

SMART METER: Not just a Smart Meter, but the smartest meter in the class. It includes a digital tachometer, plus a gear shift guide on the speedometer that shows the ideal time to shift for maximum efficiency and performance.

SAFETY FEATURES TO PREVENT MISHAPS: We cherish the enthusiasm and joy we have with our families. We safeguard dreams, and life.

ADVANCED SUSPENSION FOR GREATER STABILITY: The Datsun GO+ is engineered to respond quickly to your input and take the bumps in its stride. The front suspension with a double-pivot from arm and a high-responsive damper makes you the master of your drive.

SHORTER BRAKING DISTANCE: The Datsun GO+ gives you the largest-in-class 22mm front ventilated disc brakes with increased longevity by reducing the brake fade from overheating.

ACCURATE STEERING RESPONSE: With Electric Power Steering of Datsun GO+, you can adjust the level of power assist to suit your speed. Get more assistance at lower speeds and make the steering tighter when you’re going fast. In the Datsun GO+, control is never out of reach.

ENHANCED VISIBILITY : The Datsun GO+ emphasizes on a safer drive. Complementing its range of safety features is a wider glass for enhanced driver visibility – for a more informed and safer drive.

DATSUN ORIGIN: In fact, Datsun has unique origin in its name. The story goes that in the mid-1970s, when Japan was desperate to sell cars in the US, its American partner has ordered few cars to be made in Japan.

Datsun 510 Sedan

Original model of Datsun. Photo Courtesy: Nissan


When the Japanese engineers finished it in few months and called him asking what name to put for the car, the American counterpart was surprised and said, “That Soon?”. Not familiar with the English language, Japanese engineers thought the name “Datsun” was really good and put the phone down. Hence, the model “Datsun”.


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