Newly Married? Then Have Sex 11 Times a Month, Says Study

Yes, the advice given to newly married men is to have sex 11 times a month to keep their spouse happy, not because of her satisfaction but the frequency is enough to make women feel more happy.

The study examined unhappy newly married women who were found to have had sex for 3 to 4 times a month while the happier ones have it 11 times a month.

According to M. Gary Neuman, best-selling author, psychotherapist and lead author of the study, “After their first two years of marriage or relationship, couples must do more to maintain their initial level of intimacy and excitement.”

Neuman based his finding on a study of the lesser frequency of sex among newly marrried couple who are undergoing stress and daily life pains like insufficient money to pay bills, stress or lack of sleep.

Gary Neuman (Photo courtesy:

He studied 400 women who were divided into two groups — considered happy or unhappy before discovering the number of times the couple should have sex to be categorised happy.

In his new program called “Reconnect to Love Intensive Program” he engaged himself to counselling couples throughout the day.

However, Neuman warns either of the couple not to indulge even in virtual friendship online or engage in online friendships.

“Emotional betrayal through a virtual affair can be even more damaging to a marriage than a physical affair,” he says in his new book titled “Emotional Infidelity: How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage and 10 Other Secrets to a Great Relationship.”

It is easier to counsel a couple wherein the man or the woman had random sex with a stranger now and then than if one of them have found a best friend on the internet even if they had not touched.

Virtual affair “is a much harder thing to heal in a relationship because the emotions have left the marriage and gone into the hands of someone else,” he said.

Gary Neuman is a licensed psychotherapist and rabbi too besides authoring many books on hapy couples and marriage life. A frequent guest on “The Oprah Show,” he was referred by Oprah as “One of the best psychotherapists in the world, when she invited him on her Most Memorable Guests Show which was her 5th show from her finale.

As an ordained rabbi, Gary Neuman brings the Jewish ideal and value of “shalom bayit” to bear on his twenty-five-year-old practice. Shalom bayit or “peace at home” is characterized by nurturing, respect, and loving-kindness in married couples, he asserts.

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